How Hiring a Maid Could Help You to Spend More Time with Your Kids?

eMaids provide time for mom to play with kidsIf you are a mother or a father then you will know that when the weekend comes along, it is time for you to get all of the cleaning done. On top of this, when you have kids, you may feel as though they cause a lot of the mess. In some instances, you might feel as though the cleaning is never ending and that it takes up most of your time, and this time could be well spent either relaxing or even spending time with your kids. The solution to this would be to hire a cleaning service NYC to come and help you with the cleaning duties. They can get the cleaning done while you are out spending time with the kids and they can also help you by making sure that you are always more than satisfied with the service you have received.

In fact, you could even pay for an intensive clean if you wanted and this will help to get all of those sticky stains removed and in no time at all. So as you can see maid services NYC can really free up your time at the weekend and they can make your life much easier in general as well. If you want to get started with our cleaning service NYC then all you need to do is get in touch with us today to find out more. We would love to hear from you and we are always more than happy to work with you so you can get the rooms you want cleaned and without having to worry about paying extra for services that you don’t need at all. We can’t wait to hear from you and we can’t wait to help.


Why Spring Clean When You Could Have a Maid Do It For You?

If you want to hire a cleaning service NYC then you need to do everything you can to make sure that you hire the best of the best. If you have never hired a maid before then you may think that you are doing just fine with the way things are going, but the truth is that you can make your own life a lot easier by hiring a maid to do it for you.

The truth is that a maid service NYC can help you by making sure that all of those little jobs get done. This can include the basic hoovering around the house and even cleaning behind the cupboards. On top of this, they can also help you to make sure that you get the kid’s rooms cleaned and any awkward spaces that you just haven’t got round to doing yet. So at the end of the day, why would you waste your own personal time spring cleaning, when you could have your maid do it for you? They could save you time, effort and money and on top of this, your NYC maid service may even be able to get the job done better as well because they will have access to the right cleaning equipment and this will lift the grime up easier than ever before.

So why don’t you get started by hiring our NYC maid service today? We would love to help and we can’t wait to show you why we are the number one service in the industry. We always do the job to the highest possible standards and we can’t wait to work with you so you can get your home sparkling again in no time at all.



Why You Should hire a Uniformed Cleaning Service?

If you have never hired a cleaning service NYC before then you may not be aware of the fact that there are cleaning providers out there who don’t have uniforms. They may show up at your door with cleaning supplies, but at the end of the day, you can’t be fully sure if they can be trusted. For this reason, it would always be the best idea for you to hire a uniformed cleaning service. That way when you have a cleaner come to your home, you know instantly that they are from the company who you hired and you also know that they can be trusted as well. Of course, your NYC cleaning service will always talk to you about this before you go ahead and hire their services so you should always know exactly who is coming to your home.

A uniformed cleaning service also shows that the company who you are hiring are professional as well, so this is another thing that you need to keep in mind. Our cleaning services NYC are some of the best in the area and every single cleaner that works with us are always dressed in full uniform, so when you hire our team for the job, you really don’t have anything to worry about. We also have years of experience in the industry and we have some of the most affordable prices around, so if you need a maid service NYC, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to help you right away. We can’t wait to take your call and our uniformed professionals are happy to meet any requirement that you might have about our NYC maid services right away.


How To Find A Reputable Cleaning Company

If you want to find a reputable company then you will need to make sure that you take note of a couple of things when you get in contact with them. The first thing you need to take note of is whether or not they are insured. When you have done this, you may also want to ask them if they use green cleaning products, or if they use harmful chemicals that could affect the health and safety of your children. A reputable cleaning service will always do everything they can to make sure that your health and safety is their number one priority when cleaning your home, so this is one of the main things you need to remember.

On top of this, you will also need to make sure that your NYC cleaning service can help you with your more awkward cleaning jobs. This can include cleaning behind the cooker, on the top of your cabinets and even underneath the sofa. Some cleaning companies will only provide you with a surface clean and they won’t want to put the extra work in to get your house really sparkling.

Lastly, you need to make sure that they come on time, every time. A reputable company will care about your satisfaction and they will want you to get the very best result every single time so arrange a time with them and make sure that they turn up when agreed. Of course, our NYC cleaning services are some of the best around and our maid service NYC will always show up on time so you know you can count on us and everything we can do for you. If you want to get started then all you need to do is get in touch today.


Is Your Cleaning Service Making You Pay More Than You Should Be Doing?

If you hire a cleaning service for your home then you will probably pay a flat rate for all of your rooms. The problem is, that with paying for all of your rooms, you may end up paying for the rooms that you don’t need cleaning and this is something that you will clearly want to avoid. For this reason, you should always try and find a maid who can clean all of your rooms for you and at a set price per room, so at the end of the day, you only pay for the rooms you want cleaning and not for your whole house.

Of course, if you aren’t quite sure if your maid service can offer you this then your best bet would be to ask them. Our NYC maid cleaning service can do this for you no problem and we are always happy to work with you so you can get the best result and at half the price. This is just a small insight to what we can do for you and we are here to help if you ever have any questions or if you simply want to find out more about what we can do for you. In fact, we may even be able to build a package for you so if you want to get things cheaper then your best bet would be to come to us because we can get it all sorted for you and in hardly any time at all.

Why don’t you get in contact with us today to find out more? We can’t wait to take your call and we are here to assist you with anything if you have any questions along the way.



Should You Go For the VIP or Economy Cleaning Package?

You may have heard that we provide two types of cleaning packages. Of course, we always want to make sure that you get the best possible experience when you hire our NYC maid service and that is why we have written this for you so you can find out everything you need to know. When you hire our team for the economy package, you’ll be getting a super saver deal. This will ensure that you get maids who are trained and trusted as well as very affordable, budget friendly rates as well. You will also get all of your cleaning supplies provided as well so you don’t have anything to worry about in that instance.

To make sure that every room gets the care and attention it deserves, you will also find that our maids have a checklist and this is provided with our economy package as well. So as you can see, it has never been easier for you to get whatever you need when you contact our team and our economy package is ideal for those on a budget. With our VIP NYC maid service, you get an intensive scrub and polish of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living space surfaces and you get access to our elite maids as well. You also get 8 additional VIP details and two loads of laundry. Our VIP service is ideal for those who are very busy and who just want a deep clean, so if you want to get started, all you need to do is get in touch with our NYC cleaning service and we will do our best to advise you on your home and the clean that you require,

You could always book our NYC maid services right here and now if you wanted! It’s never been easier.



Why Are Some Maid Services Cheaper Than Others?

If you have thought about hiring a cleaning service NYC then you may have thought about the overall cost of hiring one as well. Of course, it can be difficult to know who can be trusted and who can’t before you hire them but in some instances you may be inclined to go for the cheapest one just so you can save money. The problem with this is that when you hire cleaning services NYC and they have bottom end prices, that you may not be getting the service you deserve and this is something you want to avoid at all times.

They may not have a checklist to do the jobs and you may just get a general clean with odd-patches missed every single time they come around. You may also find that they aren’t insured and that they don’t come in uniform as well, so you really never know who you are letting into your home. If you want a quality cleaning service NYC then you may end up paying a little bit extra but at the end of the day, you know you are getting a reliable service and this is the main thing that you need to remember. Your cleaning service NYC will most likely be happy to work with you on the price as well, and you could even save money by getting your clean done at a discount on a regular basis.

Our cleaning services NYC have bottom end prices but when you hire our team, you can expect insured, reliable and experienced cleaners who have a checklist for all the cleaning duties required, so you can expect consistency and the highest possible level of service from the moment you get in contact with us about your requirements.


Hiring a Maid for your Elderly Relative

If you have an elderly relative who struggles around the house then you will want to do everything you can to make sure that they get as much help as possible. If they have very poor mobility then you may find that you need to take care of some of the cleaning as well, and this can make your own personal life very difficult. If you want to make your own life easier then you should consider hiring a maid to come and take care of it for you. After all, when you hire a cleaning service NYC, you know you can trust in them to help you with whatever you need and they can come at any time you want as well.

On top of this, when you do hire a NYC cleaning service, you will also find that they can help you by doing all the jobs you might not be able to do all by yourself and this can save you a lot of time at the weekend. When you hire a registered professional, you may be able to come with a long-term arrangement as well so they can come to your relative’s home every day, every week or even every month for a deep clean if this is something you require. If you talk to your provider then they may even be able to send the same person out every time for you as well so you know that your relative will be able to familiarise themselves with the person who is coming and this is great if they have a poor memory or if they are nervous about the situation in general.

Why don’t you contact us today to find out more about our reputable cleaning service? We are always here to help.


How A Maid Could Help You When You Are In Ill-Health

If you suffer from a health condition or if you feel as though you just can’t get things done around the house because you can’t physically manage it, then you need to do everything you can to make sure you get the help you need. A cleaning service NYC can help you a lot in this instance. After all, if you are stuck at home and you are unable to do anything like go out or take the dog for a walk, you may try and do the cleaning so you can keep the house in order. If you struggle to do his however, then you may feel as though there is no other option for you to sit and watch as the house gets dustier and dustier.

When you hire a NYC cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about any of this at all and it is a great way for you to get all the jobs done without you having to do them yourself. When you hire cleaning services NYC you’ll find that they can work with you to get the clean done at a time that suits you and you can even choose from multiple packages as well so you can get the clean done as intensively as you’d like. So as you can see, maid services NYC really are beneficial when you are in ill-health and you would be surprised at how much they can take off your shoulders when it comes to stress and anxiety.

Why don’t you contact our NYC maid services today to see how we can help you? It has never been easier for you to get everything sorted and our NYC cleaning services are here to help you every single step of the way.




How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

eMaids carpet cleaningIf you are sick and tired of looking at your carpet, only to see that it is covered in grime and muck then you may have thought about hiring a maid service NYC to come and clean it for you. You may even try and use your own cleaning methods to try and lift the stains as well, but this can cause you even more problems in the future because you could be ingraining the stains even more and this is something you want to avoid. So how often should you clean your carpet, and how should you get it cleaned when you do?

The first thing you need to take note of is that if you over-clean your carpet by using harsh chemicals then you risk damaging the carpet fibres. You also run the risk of smudging the stains even more, with some patches being cleaner than others. Of course, our maid service NYC can remove all of your carpet stains and by having a good clean once every two weeks, you can stop stains from settling into the fibres as well. We only use the finest quality of commercial grade equipment as well and that means that we can achieve the best possible result and in half the time it would take you to do it at home.

Our equipment won’t smudge your carpet stains and they won’t damage your carpet either. If you want to find out more then all you need to do is contact our NYC cleaning service today to see how you could benefit. We would be more than happy to arrange a clean for you and at a time that is convenient for you as well so you don’t have anything to worry about there either.

NYC skyline view- Why NYC Is The Best Place To Live If You Want Stunning Scenery

If you want great scenery then NYC is certainly the place to be. NYC has one of the most iconic skylines around and the tall buildings really do help to accept the already stunning landscape. After all, you have the Woolworth Building and you also have the other skyscrapers that are around the area as well. This really does make you feel as though you are living in the 21st century and on top of that, you have the skyscraper museum as well so this just goes to show how advanced the city is in general and it also provides you with an idea of the continuous developments that are underway.

The NYC  Grid
The plan of 1811 proposed that the NYC pattern should have avenues and streets. This lead to plenty of changes and shortly after, real estate became focused on easy to sell units. This continues to fuel the development and it has already become home to plenty of new projects. The grid system does compliment the scenery and it just goes to show that there is so much more to this city than people realise. The simplicity of the grid also fuels the people that live there, and when you take part in that, you can become one with the city and everything it has to offer.
So as you can see, the grid system and the amount of skyscrapers that are available really do contribute to the city and the stunning views that it has to offer. It is packed full of energy and fun and this is one of the many reasons why it is one of the top holiday destinations in the world for tourists and businessmen who want to step things up a notch.

How to hire a NYC Cleaning Service ?

main-150If you have thought about hiring a NYC maid service in the past but you don’t quite know whether or not you should, then it helps to take a look at the benefits before you go ahead and make your decision. A lot of people task themselves with the job of cleaning their home on a weekly basis and the whole process can take hours in some instances. On top of this, the last thing you want is to clean your home when you have been at work all day and this is especially the case when you have kids.

So if you are one of those people and you want to do everything you can to make sure that your home is as clean as possible then why don’t you hire eMaids inc. – a NYC maid service? Your maid will be able to work around your schedule and they can also make sure that you are always more than satisfied with the service you have received. eMaids- a NYC Cleaning service can also assist you if you can only get your clean done on certain days of the week as well and this is another major benefit of hiring them to take care of the cleaning for you.

In fact, eMaids – the best maid service in NYC will provide  you a free quote for the first time cleaning job and a discounted rate for weekly maid service or biweekly cleaning service, so not only do you save money, because you can also put your feet up at the end of the day and without any worries about your home or the cleaning that needs to be done.

Contact the best NYC maid service – eMaids inc. today and see how we can help you to get the result you need from you clean?


Where and How to search for a cleaning service in NYC?

1 Google How its best to search on google: You can type in cleaning service NYC or Maid service NYC or home cleaning NYC and If you are a office, you can type in office cleaning service NYC after you typed in a keyword you can look on google maps or organic search underneath or google ads on top

Other places to search for NYC cleaning maid service:




eMaids Franchising Is Growing Rapidly


Sold Sold Sold – eMaids Have Sold 5 Franchises within the Past 6 Months


NYC,  NY – Entrepreneurs are jumping at the chance to qualify for an eMaids Franchise.

Franchised in the beginning of this year, eMaids, is a proficient residential and commercial cleaning service, offering a variety of services. eMaids’ is expanding at a rapid pace and now has a total of 5 locations in major hubs across the U.S. The franchise is now servicing areas in Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Nassau County –Long Island and its corporate office resides in New York.

The company uses environment friendly cleaning products and offers detailed services, but according to their management team that’s not the only reason why eMaids has taken off. eMaids has a certified method for incorporating new franchisees and says, “We only look for qualified franchisees that will be successful and part of our growing team. As a small company we are vested in the success of every franchise we open. We treat each franchisee as a member of our family.”

With eMaids being founded in 2014, this makes for impressive growth in the franchise market place. The business model has been proven to adapt and mature in some locations where competition is fierce. With more planned openings this upcoming year, this franchise will be considered to be one of the fastest growing private companies in America.


About eMaids

The Health Of Your Staff Matters In The Workplace

In the office, employees can be too engaged, particularly on busy days, and when there is too much pressure from their employer or a client. When the mind is fully occupied, little attention may go to certain factors such as office cleanliness. Though many offices encourage employees to ensure their work environment is clean, they may not always be in a position to carry out effective office cleaning. A clean office is the surest way to protect the health of your employees. Therefore, you need to look for better alternatives of office cleaning. There are office cleaning services offered by specialized cleaning companies. These services cover the following areas in the office to keep the workplace free from disease-causing organisms.


Workstations may have desks and tables. If you think you work in a clean place, well, you are wrong because desks, seats and tables happen to accumulate dirt. The funny thing is that people barely pay much attention to their desks. Everything that your hand touches from the mouse to the keyboard, desk to the printer carries germs. This explains why you can catch flu or cold even after visiting the doctor. You can acquire services for office cleaning in New York to have the entire workstation disinfected.



Washrooms are among the dirtiest places in the office. A good number of people agree that toilet seats are dirtier. Still, you do not have to touch the toilet seat to get germs. When you touch soap dispenser, doorknobs and faucet handles, you can get germs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the doorknobs, soap dispensers and faucet handlers among others are thoroughly disinfected during washroom cleaning. Proper washroom sanitization will help reduce the rate of sickness in the office significantly.

Office kitchen

The office kitchen needs to be clean throughout. Here, the employees prepare food and eat it. If the office kitchen is left untidy, you are likely to end up with a workplace full of sick workers. Sickness affects productivity. Therefore, the kitchen should always be cleaned. Sinks should be cleaned after use. All the countertops should always be dry. Most disease-causing microorganisms thrive in moist places. In addition, coffee makers, faucet and cabinet handles should be properly sanitized to reduce the risk of infection. With a clean office kitchen, employees can eat anything without worrying about infections.

Office lobby

The office lobby is one of the places with high traffic. This means that it is very vulnerable to bacteria and other disease -causing microorganisms. Lobbies have quite a number of fixtures. Cleaning and sanitizing these fixtures is one of the ways of effectively reducing bacteria infestation. The lobby is also the place office visitors and potential clients wait before being served. If it is untidy and poorly maintained, it will send out a bad impression about the business. Therefore, cleaning the lobby is a solution that kills two birds with one stone.

Office elevator

If you thought the elevators were clean, you need to think again. Elevators also carry many germs. Elevator buttons, for instance, are the dirtiest parts of the elevator. This is because different people press the elevator button when they want to navigate up or down an office building. The best way to reduce contact with germs when pressing the elevator button involves using a pen or a key for pressing. This will keep your fingers from getting germs. Moreover, cleaners also pay attention to elevator buttons as well as the floor for proper cleaning and sanitization. Clean elevators reduce sickness in the office.

Getting cleaning services

It is important to acquire cleaning services for the office. Your employees cannot do all the office cleaning work apart from their usual work. In fact, their stipulated working hours only allow them to accomplish a certain number of tasks every day. This is the reason why you need to hire office-cleaning services. Professional cleaners who know everything about dirt and germs deliver these services. The workers focus on key areas where germs and other harmful microorganisms exist. When the office cleaning is done, you are left with a clean and tidy environment where employees can work without fear of getting sick.

Remember, cleaning the office is important. It keeps your employees from catching all manner of diseases that may hinder them from coming to work. When employees fail to show up at work, it always affect the productivity and the progress of the business. Therefore, having a clean office is the surest way to maintain good business performance. Hiring cleaning services from cleaning companies is not a hard task. All you need to do is find a cleaning company through online search or a recommendation from other businesses. When you hire cleaning services, you will be putting the interest of your employees first. So, when employees feel appreciated, they will increase work productivity and help the business soar higher!

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Adding The Cost Of Home Cleaning Services To Your Home Budget List

The level of tidiness at home says a lot about your personality. It is the reason why people make a deal out of cleanness. If you look untidy and disorganized, people get the picture that your home is as good as your personality. Even though people may want to clean their home and keep everything in order, time just happens to be a constraint. A person may plan to clean his or her home on a certain day and end up procrastinating uncontrollably.

Fortunately, you do not have to struggle with procrastinations because there are cleaning companies that can clean your home when you are present or away. Cleaning services come at a fee. In that case, you have to prepare your mind for budget change. Home cleaning services are vital because they help keep your house sparkling clean when you are too caught up with work.

Cleaning options available

Home cleaning companies offer different packages depending on personal needs. These packages go at varying prices. In that case, you may have general home cleaning and special home cleaning services that deal with particular parts of the house. Special cleaning covers areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchen spaces. Here, the homeowner is required to give out specifications regarding cleaning before getting the services. Therefore, you need to know what you exactly want for your home before hiring cleaning services.

Special cleaning services may cost a little more than general home cleaning. General home cleaning covers the entire house and does not require special attention. Special cleaning requires perfect skills. For instance, cleaning a bedroom with a carpeted floor or wood-carpet requires caution. By inspecting your home, you can tell whether it needs general cleaning or special cleaning. Your option will determine the amount of cleaning fee you will pay.

Hiring cleaning services


It may be somehow hard to find the best cleaning company especially if you live in a city. Cities tend to have many businesses offering the same services with varying service quality. Some companies offer top-notch services while others offer poor services. Consequently, it is important to do as much research on cleaning companies before hiring. This involves looking out for a company’s history in the cleaning industry and the number of customers it gets annually. Annual customer turnout says a lot about a cleaning company. Good customer turnout is an indication that customers are fully satisfied with a company’s cleaning services and want more cleaning services from the same company.

Cleaning package prices

There are different cleaning packages offered by cleaning companies. As mentioned earlier, packages may be either general cleaning or special cleaning. Price for general cleaning varies depending on individual specifications. While special cleaning may cost a little more than general cleaning, you may inquire about cleaning packages with fair prices. You can also compare price for different company packages to see if there are options for negotiating price or even discounts offers. At the end of the day, you need to be sure about quality services that are worth your money. For general cleaning, you may consider economy cleaning in NYC. VIP cleaning services basically fall in special cleaning category that cost a little more. Find the best quote and make the right choice for your home.

Cleaning payment options

As regards payment for home cleaning services, you can make payments through the bank or pay with cash through your phone as long as you have the business pay-bill number. You can also pay online using online pay-cards. Some companies actually offer great discounts when you choose to pay online. Overall, different companies apply varying schematics to awards discounts. For instance, a cleaning company may give over 10% discounts for clearing the upfront. The remaining balance will have its due date. Considering payment options is a way to save money. Therefore, find a suitable payment option that will save you cleaning cost and time.

The days that you had to worry about the condition of your home are over. A tight schedule can no longer stand in the way of home cleaning. The cleaning industry has gone to another new level. You can receive professional cleaning services while present or away from home without having to worry about security.

If your think about your tough schedule that lets your barely breathe, you will appreciate cleaning services. In fact, you will not have a problem adding the cleaning cost to your budget list. You can quickly find the right company by searching online and checking customer reviews before making a judgment. Even more, you can pay a visit to your preferred company just to be sure about its services. If you are interested in saving from cleaning costs, you will have to consider payment options offered by a cleaning company. You may be surprised by the amount of money you save from a particular payment option!

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Home Sections That Are Often Neglected When it Comes To Cleaning

A clean home is a safe place to live. It is the assurance of health for you and your loved ones. That is why it is important to clean the home regularly. This ensures dirt does not accumulate at home. Disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi thrive in dirty places. Cleaning is the remedy that keeps these microorganisms away. While cleaning the home is important for health and self-confidence, you may not always have enough time to clean the entire house.

There are places that only are cleaned rarely. At home, all areas are equally important and they all need cleaning. Basement, attics, garages, gutter s and eavesdropping need to be cleaned but often get less cleaning attention. Therefore, if you have less time for these home areas, you may consider hiring cleaning maids. Cleaning maids have professional skills needed for thorough home cleaning. They meet all your home-cleaning needs. With the help of trained home-cleaning maids, the following parts of the house will be cleaned when you make bookings.



The space that you have below the pitched roof of your home is the attic. The space at home is between the top-floor ceiling and the roof. Attics have awkward shapes and they vary depending on the roof design of a home. Most of the time, they are used for storage. This makes them a good target for rodents and other irritating animals. Rats, mice, squirrels and other animals may end up living in your attic if left in a mess.

Attics get less cleaning attention because they are meant for storage purposes. However, maid-cleaning service is the solution to transform an untidy attic to a clean and well-organized one. Cleaning the attic will keep away all rodents that may harm your goods. During cleaning, some of the places where they live and hide get uncovered leaving them exposed. Thus, they get scared away from the attic.


Basements serve a similar purpose like the attic. However, they vary in size and can be used for other purposes. For instance, a basement can be a place to chill and relax. As compared to attics, basement may get a little more attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining the basement is actually a demanding task. Therefore, if you do not have a well-defined cleaning schedule for the basement, you may end up cleaning it only once in several months or even once in a year.

To clean and maintain the basement regularly, you need to purposefully plan to do so. If it seems like a hard task or an inconveniencing chore, you can always hire cleaning maids. Cleaning maids have an in-depth knowledge in basement cleaning. They can identify all the areas with dirt and make them sparkling clean. Alternatively, you can also ask family members or even friends to help you out in cleaning when you find a perfect time for basement cleaning.


The garage is an area specified to keep your cars, motorcycle, bicycle and any other transport machinery. A garage is one of the places at home that easily and quickly gets dirty. Since it is meant for car storage, there is a high risk of catching air borne diseases such as colds due to dust accumulation. Therefore, you need to clean the garage more regularly as compared to the attic and basement. When you are driving home after work, you want to end up in a clean garage. Cleaning the garage means taking out everything to empty it. It means scrubbing dirt off every nook and cranny. Bear in mind that most rodents find a perfect shelter in dirty garages. Living with rodents in the garage only results to damage of things you kept in the garage.

Roof gutters and eaves dropping

Roof gutters and eaves droppings are vital in a house because they protect your home from water damage. If gutters are left unclean for a long time, debris and other form of dirt will clog water passage and affect their performance. When it rains, it will be easy for storm water to trickle down to your foundation and cause damage. Other parts of the home that may get damages as a result include the basement and walls. In that regard, it is essential to personally clean the gutters or hire the services of cleaning maids.

You do not have to be the one cleaning your home all the time. Companies that do moving in and out cleaning in New York also offer cleaning services for special parts of the home that get less attention during regular home cleaning. All you need to do before booking for cleaning services is to inspect your home to identify the areas that urgently need cleaning. Cleaning companies will take care of the rest after you book them!

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Tips on organizing your monthly bills and reciepts

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We believe this to be completly true. With that being said it is also safe to say that a lot of activties take place in the kitchen, aside from the preparing and eating of food. That is why the family kitchen table can easily get confused for a community desk. Has your kitchen table become the community desk for the entire household? If so, we have some fun organizing suggestions that might help!


Look familiar? No problem!

There are several easy ways to organize these important papers.


The trick to eliminating the piled up paper clutter from your kitchen table is finding a small contained space that can hold a lot of paper. We suggest buying one large binger with file forder tab labels, or keeping a few different binders and labeling each binder by catergory and including file folder tabs within each binder, labled by month of the year. Deciding whether or not to keep on binder verses multiple binders depends on how much mail, bills and reciepts that are coming into the household.


We suggest you label and organize your loose papers as follows.

  • Coupons
  • Menu’s
  • Action & Bills (monthly bills due and paper work that needs to be filled out and sent out. For example: School permission slips.
  • Hold Folder (Items that only need to be held onto short term and can be thrown out eventually, without much thought.

At the end of each year, empty the contents of the binder(s) out and file it into a larger filing cabinet that you keep in area of the home where you have space. This way every year’s paper work can be filed correctly and the mess can be eliminated over time.