Can A Recurring Cleaning Service Be Used Efficiently?

A good number of people are intimated by messy surfaces and see clutter as a deterrent. As a result, they allow things and dirt to pile up until their dwellings look something like a scene out of a reality show. Most of the others are simply too busy to tidy up or clean their homes. All this is quite comprehensible. The last thing most people want to do after getting home from work is to clean the house. Fortunately there is a way around all this – hiring a professional maid service to handle the tiring house cleaning chores.

Creating a cleaning schedule for your maid service

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When drafting a cleaning schedule for the hired cleaning service, there are a number of things to consider. These include:

• How often you want the cleaning undertakings to be carried out

• The areas in your home you want cleaned more regularly than the others

• How long each cleaning undertaking will take verses the amount of time the maid service will be at your home

How often you require the maid service to come to your place largely depends on whether the people you are living with are allergic to your cleaning products, there is a pet, you live alone, you have kids in your home, and many other factors. How do you come up with the right cleaning list to suit your living arrangement then?

Start by identifying your home’s cleaning requirements

Prior to scheduling your cleaning service for explicit intervals and tasks, it is crucial to identify precisely what requires cleaning in your home. The main list need to take into consideration the cleaning tasks for every room including the study room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc.

Prepare a list that suits your budget

After creating a list of all things and activities in your home, identify the kind of cleaning that meets your preferences. For instance, would you rather have the maid service come on one single day and perform all the required cleaning tasks or have it clean a little every day?

Although it differs depending on a homeowner’s wants, a basic home cleaning schedule can include the following:

Daily cleaning

This kind of cleaning is perfect for extra messy homes, possibly because of the small active kids playing around. If you opt for this option, allocate your hired maid service one to two hours of cleaning every day to get things in order. Also remember to dedicate one day to weekly thorough cleaning tasks.

One room per major task a day

This cleaning type needs the maid service to apportion different cleaning undertakings to different days of the week. With this option, there is no limit on the amount of time the service may spend on a particular undertaking as long as it gets done. However, this depends on the kinds of services on offer, for instance, vacuuming on Wednesdays, laundry on Mondays, bedroom cleaning on Tuesdays, and so forth.

Timed cleaning

This kind of cleaning is ideal for homes that are not too messy. With it, cleaning is progressive, meaning that the cleaning service can dedicate one hour to doing specific tasks.

All cleaning in one day

This kind of cleaning is ideal for extra busy households, and the home owner decides the specific day to do the cleaning in a given week. At this juncture, the home owner knows what needs cleaning and what doesn’t. All that is left is to schedule your cleaning team, taking into consideration the seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily cleaning tasks. After all, what you are planning is to discover a great way to efficiently utilize a recurring maid service for your needed cleaning tasks.

Should A Homeowner Tackle Post Renovation Cleaning Himself?

Post renovation or construction cleaning is extremely important to ensure that the area is safe and clean for human habitation. As such, this kind of cleaning should never be tackled by the homeowner himself but by a professional cleaner. For example, an expert cleaning service in Toronto has both the expertise and experience to do a perfect job, and thus should be hired for the job at hand. While some homeowners have this kind of cleaning done so as to satisfy legal requirements, it is important to note that renovated buildings or new homes require thorough cleaning in both their exteriors and interiors.

Here are some of the main reasons why this kind of cleaning is important:

For keeping the ducts clean and safe

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Even where the contractors do their best to prevent it, it is inevitable that some debris and dust will make its way into the building’s ductwork. In most cases, this poses serious issues to people suffering from respiratory illnesses or who are sensitive to dust. Furthermore, clogged ducts significantly increase the energy bill.

For cleaner usable windows

Dust from a construction site is known to obstruct natural light from getting into a home. This being the case, it is important to have the windows cleaned so as to allow the natural light in. Furthermore, clean windows provide a clear view of the outside and make the environment inviting for all.

To ensure that all areas in and around the home are usable

It is crucial that all areas in and around your home are in a usable state when you move in. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you are guaranteed a clean and safe ling space in and around your home. These professionals also make the entry process much easier for everyone. For example, they thoroughly clean the kitchen and the appliances, and also the bathroom fixtures before they could be used. A professional maid service also thoroughly cleans all the cabinets, drawers and closets before the homeowner could fill them with stuff as need be.

To ensure safety of all

Apart from sensitivities to grit or debris, dust on the floors can pose serious danger, particularly where children are concerned. This being the case, debris and dust in a construction site needs to be collected prior to anyone beginning to use or occupy a given space. A professional cleaning service performs this task in the shortest time possible, and all without fear that anyone present will be disturbed by all the commotion. Failure to do so means that you as the homeowner will be regularly cleaning construction dust and debris long after you have occupied the building. This isn’t something you want to do, do you?

Considering the significance of post renovation cleaning, it is crucial that a homeowner work with a professional cleaning service in Toronto that not only understands the best way to do the job, but that also utilizes environmental-friendly, non-toxic and safe cleaning supplies and techniques. Apart from special cleaning products such as granite or marble cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, and the likes, the best of these services come fully prepared with all cleaning supplies, materials and equipments so as to meet the set cleaning standards. That said, it is important to note that a maid service does not replace the need to properly maintain your home. So, if your walls have any kind of damages, the right kind of an expert to call is a painter.

All in all, you should ensure to hire only insured and licensed home cleaning services so as to guarantee the safety of all things inside and outside your property. Expensive collectables, jewelry, money and the like should always be stored in a safe location before allowing the cleaners into your home. In simple terms, even where the hired maid service is trustworthy, having valuables in a safe place will provide extra peace of mind for you.

Is Professional House Cleaning A Necessity Or An Expensive Splurge?

Although a sparkling clean home smells great, keeping it well maintained can be an uphill task for a majority of homeowners, especially if they work full time, or have very young kids, or both. As a result, most busy homeowners hire professional home cleaning services to help make their lives easier and lower their stress levels.

Who is a professional home cleaner?

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A home cleaning professional is an individual or a team of cleaners who come to your premises on scheduled time or days with proper cleaning equipment, products and supplies. They are normally in your home for a specified duration of time and take their supplies with them when leave for their next cleaning appointment. A good example of these kinds of cleaning services is the work done by New York maids.

What can a homeowner expect after hiring a New York maid?

There are a wide variety of benefits that a homeowner can get after hiring a professional cleaning service. These include:

• Interior window cleaning

• Vacuuming and mopping hard floors

• Dusting light fixtures, picture frames, doors, baseboards, trim work, etc.

• Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing restrooms from top to bottom, including polishing chrome, drain and sink opening, showers, tubs, toilets, and much more.

• Vacuuming carpets and upholstery

• cleaning chairs and tables

• Meticulously cleaning and sanitizing kitchens from the bottom to the top, including the knobs and handles, plate covers, light switches, backsplashes, sinks and drains, countertops, exteriors of appliances such as refrigerators and stoves, exteriors of drawers and cabinets, and much more

• Deep cleaning surfaces such as floors, toilets, tubs, sinks, countertops, appliances, and much more

As clearly shown above, it is very beneficial to hire a maid service to help with your home cleaning tasks.

House cleaning service charges

New York maids typically set house cleaning charges either by the hour or by square foot. The average hourly rates range from $20 to $40. Square foot rates are normally used for a “first clean”, or as a baseline for professionals to work from. First cleans are typically more pricey as cleaners require to determine the amount of time they will spend in a home, and if there are any rooms that need extra work, for example a large play area, a family bathroom, and the like.

Cleaning rates also vary based on how often a homeowner wants the professionals to clean. The more times a cleaner comes in any given month, the lower the price per visit. Some cleaners offer a discount if a homeowner is willing to sign a long-term contract or pay for multiple visits upfront. However, note that the cost of maid service in high-end suburbs can range anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. Nevertheless, a homeowner might be able to find a budding cleaning service that is advertising its cleaning abilities and charging slightly less than the above rates if he or she knows where to look.

The homeowner must keep in mind that lower prices do not always mean the best level of services. To go around this issue, it is suggested to acquire a list of available services and compare them with the actual needs so as to get something that suits all your requirements.

Are cleaning services a necessity?

A professionally cleaned home is cannot be considered as a form of luxury, and is something almost all busy people can’t afford to do without. With the weight of home cleaning lifted off a homeowner’s shoulders, he or she can then focus on other areas of his or her life and breathe easy knowing that at least his or her home will be in order. So we can comfortably say that hiring a professional to help clean the home is a necessity and not a splurge as some people would want us to believe.